Gospel Truth




    Our Purpose: To spread the Gospel and the Gospel Truth through ministry, teaching, printed material, multi media, and the worldwide web.

WHO WE ARE: We are nondenominational servants of the living God, who is the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ - who sent the Holy Spirit to help us do God's will as best we can.  We are sinners made clean only by accepting the greatest gift of all Salvation, which only comes through accepting Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, and by living a constant life of repentance concerning our natural inclination to sin. 

We are Born Again Christians, believing God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit to be the same today as they were in the beginning of time.  We serve the Living God and acknowledge that He has chosen us to be here at this time for such a purpose as we profess.  We are nothing more than those who come to this site or partake of this ministry and strive to only give and bless others as He has blessed us. 

The Gospel Truth Ministry is called by God the Father to be a lighthouse in which His people can learn how to have a true and faithful experience, a healing and transforming personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and become a sent servant in the power of the Holy Spirit to share the light of Christ with others whom they come in contact with.

We of the Gospel Truth Ministry are Christian believers who, by the Holy Spirit, have been given a new vision of our lives.  We value Biblical truth, our Christian heritage, and the gifts and graces of the Holy Spirit. Through our ministry, our discipleship, our community life and our prayer life we endeavor to strengthen ourselves for God's service.  We believe that the service to which we are called is not only to build up the local body of believers, but also to reach out to regional, national, and international communities of the Christian Church at large.

Furthermore, we see ourselves as "World Christians" called to serve not only the larger church but to the hungry, the poor, and the spiritually lost also.  We are called, in fact, to become a spiritual leaven in the areas we serve.  We are called to provide models of spiritual renewal, to be an example of the ministry of all believers, to emphasize the Gospel principles of divine healing and sacrificial service.  We are "wounded healers" called to serve broken persons, a broken church, and a broken world.

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