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Christ said Go ye into the world.  This is a command, not a suggestion. The example mission we chose to showcase was from Immanuel Anglican in Destin, Florida to the Anglican Diocese of Bunyoro Kitara in Uganda, Africa.

This example gives only a thumbnail sketch of such a mission.  Please prayerfully ask the Lord to direct you on participating in a mission team, whether as a team member, a prayer warrior or a helper back home. This is a ministry of the whole body of Christ --  your participation and prayers are vital.

If you are considering applying to be on a team, ask yourself these questions:

1) Am I spiritually, emotionally and physically healthy?

2) Can I commit 100% to ALL training sessions, to raising my own support, and to the trip?

If your answers are 'yes,' please submit you application to one of the listed organizations ASAP--you will be contacted for an interview in the near future. 

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