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Do People See Christ In You?

Robbie L. Rogers




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This montage uses mostly photos of people and places of Immanuel Anglican Church, Destin, Florida.


When people see or think of you,  what do they see... or think? 


     When you, or others, examine the bits and pieces of your life what do they see?  

     Do you present a scattered tattered picture, a person whose life and actions seem blown by the wind in whatever direction and whim the day puts forth?  Or, do you have purpose, a purpose that you are proud for others to sift through in an attempt to put their life in some better order, looking at you and your actions as an good example to follow?

     Are you a willing servant... or a slave to your past?  Are you a tool with a handle, one that God can wield as He sees fit?  Or, do you balk and hem and haw at the leadings from Holy Spirit? 

     Who do others say you are?  If you were brought to trial for being a Christian, would there be enough evidence for a conviction?  

     You can't be both, good and evil, you must be one or the other, for scripture tells us you cannot serve two masters.  Either you are for God... or against Him.  There is no in-between in His eyes.  He said either be hot or cold for if you are luke-warm he will spew you out of His mouth.

      Rejoice not that you are from a particular church or even that you are baptized, but instead rejoice that your name is written in the book of life.  

     Remember, God loves you just as you are, warts and all; and He wants to hear from you.  The fact that you are here now, reading this proves He is interested in YOU.  Call Him up in prayer, His number is never busy, and He doesn't use voice-mail.

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